Institute for Sociological Analyses and Consultancy

The ISAB (Institute for Sociological Analyses and Consultancy) was founded in 1987 and has its registered office in Cologne. ISAB advocates an application-oriented understanding of research and consultancy. The dual focus on sociological analyses and consultancy services enables us to translate research and evaluation results directly into practice and develop workable concepts and solutions for our clients. Promoting innovation, sustainability and participatory orientation are important guiding principles for our work.

The ISAB is managed by three shareholders specialised in different fields:
A team of qualified researchers and consultants from different fields performs sociological research and consultancy and – in close cooperation with our clients – develop proactive concepts and solutions. Depending on the respective objectives and missions, individual teams are put together to ensure the best possible competence in realising our clients' projects. As an independently acting research and consultancy institute, ISAB performs research and sociological consultancy in particular in the following fields:

ISAB's scientific advisory council guarantees high standards of research and consultancy as well as the sustainability of the developed solutions. Chairman of the scientific advisory council is Prof. Dr Helmut Klages, Heidelberg.

Our clients have one thing in common: they want to develop and realise new concepts and strategies - based on substantiated evaluation and analysis. ISAB brings its experience and competencies to bear in every phase of a project – from concept development to media-effective communication and know-how transfer.
ISAB cooperates with federal and local state ministries, local government bodies, associations, universities, research institutes and other cooperation partners – both at the national and international level.
ISAB's services consist in empirical surveys, sociological consultancy, project management, evaluation and transfer of results and knowledge.

ISAB Publishing Company

Founded in 1990, the ISAB publishing company makes the latest research findings and project results available to interested specialists and the public. The publishing company also offers experts and institutions the possibility to publish articles in ISAB's "Berichte aus Forschung und Praxis" ("Research and Practice Reports") series.
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