Research, consultancy and transfer is the focus of our work.
Depending on the issue and project scope, the ISAB offers its clients four service fields: Empirical Surveys, sociological consultancy, Public Relations as well as publications and management of conferences.
Complex topics demand complex approaches. Experience especially in the development and coordination of model programmes has shown that often a mix of different service fields is necessary to guarantee broad participation and achieve optimum and sustainable results.

All the ISAB's services focus on the transferability and communication of the research and consultancy results for problem solutions, as well as on conceptual and innovative developments.

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 Empirical Surveys

Sociological Consultancy

Public Relations /


 Data gathering through empirical research (quantitative and qualitative)
Surveys, in-depth interviews, document analysis
Benchmark and best practice analyses
Quality controls
Image analyses / member polls
Scientific support of model programmes
Project development / project management / project coordination (e.g. of model programmes, pilot projects)
Analysis of organisational structures, organisational advice and development
Development of innovative concepts and long-term strategies
Optimisation of network structures, communication systems and work processes
Crisis and conflict management: opinions and expertises
Feasibility studies
Follow-up research and assessment
 Monitoring of actions and efficiency analyses
Transfer of scientific expertise in publications by our in-house publishing company (ISAB publishing company)
PR work for project-specific contexts (e.g. creation and maintenance of project websites)
Scientific advice and monitoring of PR campaigns
Compiling manuals, work tools, brochures, newsletters etc.
Lectures and education
Organisation of competitions
Organisation of sponsoring measures / attracting sponsors
Expertises and opinions

Organisation, realisation and chairing of workshops, panels of experts and conferences (5 – 250 participants)


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