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Transnational civic engagement of German senior citizens -
projects in the Third Age


Client: Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens,
Women and Youth
Cooperation Partners: European Federation of Older Persons
(EURAG Deutschland)
Project Period: 1998 - 1999

Project Coordinators at ISAB: Joachim Braun, Martin Künstler

Promotion and support of transnational civic engagement of senior citizens

Brief description:

The competition “Transnational civic engagement of senior citizens – projects in the Third Age” was promoted in the framework of the international year of seniors 1999 in Germany. Based on the global changes in terms of demographic structures worldwide the competition aimed at promoting a different image of ageing: ageing as a self-organized and active phase in life. Furthermore, the project aimed at promoting civic engagement in the Third Age as well as cooperation and exchange within Europe.

The objective of the competition was to evaluate already existing transnational projects and initiatives and to present them to the public. Projects were selected that dealt with the demographic challenges in the unifying Europe and to show new perspectives for social and political participation of older people. 54 projects from ten European and three non-European countries applied. Eight best practice examples were selected and got the chance to present themselves in public in order to promote similar projects.  The result was that a lot of projects already exist but they lack of adequate support.  Networking, expert consultancy, training and the exchange of experiences proved to be highly important aspects.

Materials on the project

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Bericht zum Wettbewerb „Länderübergreifendes Engagement von Senioren – Projekte von Deutschen mit Ausländern in der dritten Lebensphase“  

For further information on the award and the winners/participants please visit the German project website