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German-Dutch Network for transnational civic engagement
of senior citizens


Client: Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens,
Woman and Youth
Cooperation Partners: Nederlands Platform Ouderen en Europa (NPOE)
Project Period:  2000

Project Coordinators at ISAB:
Joachim Braun, Stefan Bischoff, Gabriele Wahlen


Brief description:

Based on an agreement between the Dutch Ministry for Health, public welfare and sports and the German Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (October 30th 1995) the ISAB Institute in cooperation with the Netherlands Platform Ouderen en Europa (NPOE) organized and realized a conference in Bonn, Germany. The aim was to sum up project ideas, learn from each other and bring the partners together. Dutch and German experts in the field of social work for seniors as well as civic engagement participated.

One of the main results of the German-Dutch conference was the establishment of a network in both countries. Within this network potential partners who want to develop and realize projects in cooperation were brought together.

The German-Dutch network has its roots in the German-Dutch exchange meetings in 1998 and 1999 as well as in different ISAB projects with the Netherlands in the past.



For further information please check the German project site.