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Development of Innovative Programs for the Social Integration
of Older Immigrants


Client: European Commission, German National Association of Senior Bureaus
Cooperation Partners:  Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens,
Women and Youth, Support Centre for Neighbourhood Community Development Work (STEBO)/Genk, The Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare (NIZW)/Utrecht, Europaeisches Zentrum für Wohlfahrtspolitik und Sozialforschung/Vienna, Senior Bureau Hamburg
Project Period: 2001 - 2003

Project Coordinators at ISAB:
Dr. Elke Olbermann, Joachim Braun


Brief description:

The project “Development of Innovative Programs for the Social Integration of Older Immigrants” was part of the action programme 3 “Programme of Community Action to encourage co-operation between Member States to combat Social Exclusion” in the European Union. The project aimed at the improvementof participation among older migrants. Within the framework of the project 18 innovative concepts from the four participating countries (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Austria) were selected and evaluated. Research was done on concrete solutions and practical adaption of the concepts for the encouragement of participation of older migrants in the communities of the countries involved. ISAB was responsible for the coordination within Europe and the scientific support.


For further information please check the German project site.