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 Experts from Spain Visit Cologne

A delegation of the Spanish „Foundation for Solidarity and Voluntary Work of the Valencian Community“ visited the ISAB-Institute to gather information and helpful suggestions on the possible design and realisation of new responsible role profiles for senior citizens.

Along with seniorTrainers from Cologne and in cooperation with various agencies participating in the EFI-Program (Experience Knowledge for Initiatives), the ISAB-Institute demonstrated how to realize the EFI concept of applying older people´s experience and knowledge effectively on a local scale. As to further development of the concept, Silke Brauers (ISAB) particularly stressed the importance of broadening the horizon and have a close look on existing international activities, too. International co-operation and knowledge exchange are important to make sure the concept will work out on an European scale as well as on the national one.

SeniorTrainers from Cologne and local project coordinators agreed on this. Seen from a praxis-oriented perspective, they pointed out the assets and drawbacks of the projects´ realization on a local scale. The Spanish delegation thus received valuable suggestions for their own concept development.

The Spanish Foundation for Solidarity and Voluntary Work in the Valencian Community, financed mainly by two Spanish banks, advises a total of 16 civic engagement organisations in the region of Valencia. Among other responsibilities, the foundation qualifies volunteers in special training programs to reinforce the civic engagement in the region. The foundation will now try to involve Valencia´s senior citizens into the local civic engangement organisations.

The Spanish Foundation and the ISAB-Institut will stay in contact further on and exchange information and experiences.

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Some pictures of the visit: