ISAB is partner in new European cooperation project "LACE"

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In October 2005 started the new European cooperation project “Lifelong Learning and Active Citizenship in Europe´s Ageing Society” (LACE). This project is a contribution to the creation of a positive view on seniority. The two year project is aimed at the increase of active civic engagement of senior citizens via new concepts for the promotion of voluntary comittment.

The integration of the model program EFI (Experience Knowledge for Initiatives) into the European promotion concept LACE is co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Ever since its start in 2005, LACE has received a lively and increasing interest. A recent example of this interest is the 2005 conference of the European network “Learning in Later Life (LILL)” with participation of the LACE and EFI projects. Experts agree on the growing importance of linking lifelong learning with newly established and innovative roles and functions for older people – and to do so in a creative way.

Starting point fo the European project LACE is an analisis of the potentially usable existing programs on this matter. This will serve to create a practical guideline for the constitution of new responsible role profiles for older European citizens. This is meant to increase the percentage of active citizenship of senior citizens in the long term.

The following models are the main starting points of the LACE-Program:

The comparison of Best-Practice-examples from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany as to their transferability to other countries will lead to further projects in Slowenia, Italy, Spain and Ireland.

Project partners:

For more information see:
LACE Presentation_Brauers,Sanchez (PDF, 560kb)