Lace Meeting in Cologne

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From May 27th-29th 2006 the third LACE-Meeting took place in Cologne. The European Transfer-Project „LACE – Lifelong Learning and Active Citizenship in Europe’s Ageing Society“ aims at enhancing civic engagement of the elderly in Europe. The model program „Experience and Knowledge for Initiatives (EFI)“, represented by the ISAB-Institute, is one out of three best-practice-models, where conceptual parts will be implemented in four pilotprojects in Europe.

The ISAB-Institute has invited the project partners from Slovenia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Italy to resume the first half of the project and to plan the pilotprojects in four participating countries. After the three existing models had been presented in the meetings before in Amersfoort and Brussels, the project partners came to the conclusion to use conceptual elements especially from the model program “Experience and Knowledge for Initiatives (EFI)” such as parts of the Curriculum, the role models as well as strategic aspects for the local adaption.

The project partners were especially interested in the practical experiences of Irene Meurer, a  seniorTrainer from Cologne, who talked about her experiences concerning the qualification course and informed about the activities of seniorTrainers in Cologne.

Although the demographic change can be seen in every participating country, the project partners emphasized that the civic engagement and the social participation of the elderly in the specific countries is very different from one another. The term “Active Citizenship” should therefore be adapted to the local setting und be re-defined.

In September this year the following pilot projects will be started:

Italy: The university of Florence is planning a pilot project which uses the existing structures of „study circles“. People who are interested can participate in a qualification course and be qualified as „Study Circle Animateurs“. In Italy the study circles play an important role in terms of social and political participation of older people.

Spain: In cooperation with a civic centre in Barcelona a qualification project for older volunteers will be launched – aiming at offering new role models and on the long term rolling out the concept to other civic centres as well.  The aim of the project is to establish a culture of civic engagement and active citizenship, especially in terms of social participation of the elderly in Spain.

Slovenia: Participants in the Third Age University in Slovenia will take part in a training course to develop, launch and coordinate  their own projects in cooperation with a centre dealing with cancer issues.  

Ireland: The pilot project is still in the planning phase.

In learning partnerships the pilot projects will be discussed and evaluated in the second half of the project phase.

The project partners in LACE are:

The existing models for further implementation in Europe are:

LACE is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

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