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Public Relations

Socially relevant topics pose a particular challenge in terms of communication. The question of the communicability of project and research results is frequently neglected, with the result that knowledge gained is not made known or communicated to important target groups and the general public in an easily comprehensible way.
ISAB treats PR as an independent service field that plays an integral role in many project contexts. ISAB not only develops strategies for project-related public relations, we also offer the possibility to publish results through our in-house ISAB publishing company. Should the client so wish, we can also design, edit and logistically support project-related websites.

ISAB has a team of communication experts responsible for the creation of, for example, project-related websites, manuals, brochures and flyers, as well as the scientific support of PR campaigns. Public relations also includes lectures on topics of current interest as well as the organisation and realisation of educational activities and competitions.

Some of the ISAB's services: